Clean Out Your Overfilled Septic Tank Right Away

Set up septic tank pumping services

How long has it been since you've had your septic tank pumped? If you're overdue, contact the professionals at Pappas Pumping and Septic Services LLC. Our team provides septic tank pumping services for commercial and residential clients.

If you're a restaurant owner, you can count on us to clean your grease traps. Whether is is monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly, Pappas Pumping and Septic Services LLC is happy to clean your grease traps with our maintenance program! We work on an on-call basis as well, so contact us at 208-721-4048 today. While you have us on the phone, ask for a free quote.

Is it time to pump your septic tank?

Is it time to pump your septic tank?

You should be getting your septic tank pumped at least once every other year or more, depending on your use. Talk to the experts at Pappas Pumping and Septic Services about getting your tank pumped today if:

  • It hasn’t been pumped in over three years.
  • The drain field area is full of grass that’s greener and healthier than normal.
  • Your sinks, toilets and showers drain slowly.
  • Septic odors are coming up from your sinks, toilets or showers.
  • There’s standing water on your property.

Don’t wait around – if you suspect your septic tank needs to be pumped, reach out to us right away. Letting your tank overfill could lead to disastrous consequences. Call Pappas Pumping and Septic Services right away to schedule pumping services.